Buyers agents have been around for years but their popularity is growing at a rapid rate. Why! Because people like you are starting to see the big advantages of using a buyers agent.

A buyers agent is your advocate. The real estate agent works for the seller to get the best price for them. They want you to pay more than it’s worth. However, we work for you. We want you to get your property at the right price and maybe even score a bargain.

A large amount of properties are sold off market. We are often alerted of these properties before they are advertised on or

Advantages of Using a Buyers Agent 

1. We can save you money. Along with our expert skills in negotiation, the advantages of using a buyers agent means you have access to:

  • local data,
  • market trends,
  • ancillary services,
  • and connections with agents.

We are experienced in helping people buy property and we’ve been doing it a long time.

2. Another advantages of using a buyers agent is that we save you time. We know what’s out there. We’ve seen a lot of the properties on the market and we know what you’re looking for. We go to the open house inspections, agents alert us to new properties, and we do the leg work. And if you decide on a property, we secure the deal with the real estate agent, we can also organise pest and building inspection, and liaise with legal professionals.

3. The emotional advantages of using a buyers agent mean you can have peace of mind. We’ll keep you up to date and connected with what is happening. Avoid frustration and disappointment of missing out on a property. Feel confident that you won’t get cheated because we know the local market and comparable property sales. We want you to love what you buy but we also want to support you in making a wise financial investment.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
Red Adair